Depression Helpful Tips
Depression Helpful Tips      

When We See Each Other:

1. It will be an interiew where you can explain your concerns and understanding of what brings you to see me. You will be interviewing me as well.

2. Most people do not know why they are not feeling well. They know that they are not their usual selves and do not like it.

3. We will speak about the subjects that you are confortable with at the time.

4. Not everyone needs to take medications. When symptoms are too painful and disruptive, we can use medications as a kickstart.

5. Psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety are expected to change. You may not need to be on medications forever. We work together in making medication changes.

6. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor as well as a psychotherapist. We do both. We are interested in your health as a whole.

7. We will take a history of your past and current concerns, medical history,  social support as well as your preferences. We will try to find what your strengths are, so you can profit from them.

8. You are free to have someone join the session.

9. There is a minimum of paperwork.

10. We will submitt claims on your behalf

11.With your permission, if needed, we will contact other doctors or therapists to coordinate your care.

12. You can expect that the treatment situation will be a collaboration with the purpose to treat problems in the long and the short run.

13.It should give you tools to improve your wellbeing and overall functioning.

14.We provide treatment as well as education.

15.We listen..

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