Depression Helpful Tips
Depression Helpful Tips      

PDD can start  during the first year after birth. It can include sadness, feelings of inadequacy, crying spells,moodiness, self doubt  and exhaustion. 

Hormonal changes in addition to the  learning curve that  encompasses being a new mom can present  an unexpected demand which  requires support.  Wtih the arrival of a new member of the family, everyone's roles change , at least temporarily. With the passage of time, the growth of the baby  and the right treatment, PPD resolves.

Tips to Mannage Post-Partum Depression

1. Get treatment sooner rather than later. Moms usually tell me they wished they had started earlier and not suffered as much..

2. Dads and relatives will need to know how they can help best. Tell them. Sometimes it can be  giving you time alone, preparing meals, offering you a ride or driving you, if you are too tired or have not slept.

3. Get all the sleep you can, every time you can.

4. Take walks and get some sun exposure..

5. Fight isolation. Being  away from work, while the rest of the people you know is still working, is at best disconcerting. This gets compounded by being too tired to get out and socialize.

6.PPD  is accompannied by increased exhaustion. Start small with walks and build yourself up to increase your well- being and fitness .

7. Eat well. Eat better. Do the best you can.

8. You will hear lots of advise. Pick what makes sense to you. There is no "one size fits all".  We are  all different. There are many kinds of mothering. Find your niche.

9.Follow your own heart. It is very common to experience self doubts at the beginning of this journey. You and your baby will learn from each other and bond .

10. If you have ideas of  hurting yoursself or the baby, do not stay alone with the baby and go to the emergency room. Do not keep it to yourself.

11.Embarrassment and shame are common in PPD. Is  more common than any one thinks. You are not alone. When I ran support groups, this is the one feeeling that got adressed the most.

12. It will pass. Get support. Get help.


PLease note that this statements do not replae medical advise. If you have an emergency go to the nearest emergency room and get help.


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